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Museum Quality Fine Art Prints & Custom Framing

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We ❤️ Museums

Wholesale Prints & Services
for Museums

For a decade now, 1000Museums has been helping museums increase the exposure and availability of their collections by providing archival print products for their gift shops and through print-on-demand sites like Increased exposure means increased revenue, not just from more visitors through the door but also from on-site shop sales and an ongoing royalties from us too.

Founded and run by top art and technology industry veterans and now powered by Art Authority, we work directly with artists and museums to provide the highest quality, most faithful reproductions possible. Our use of the latest print and internet technologies helps us produce that quality product at highly affordable price points, especially for our 1000Museums partners.

Proud Member of Museum Store Association 

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Founding member of Museum Store Sunday

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If you’re not already, please consider becoming an Art Authority 1000Museums partner.

As a partner, you’re eligible for the following products and services:

  • Museum-specific page on retail site, including museum overview, pointer to your website, exhibition listings, and museum-determined and approved set of artwork images.
  • Rights research and clearance for works still under copyright.
  • Retail availability of museum-approved archival prints-on-demand in multiple sizes, with framing options.
  • Shipping, customer service and returns.
  • Royalties reported and paid quarterly, on all retail sales as well as wholesale sales to other museums and institutions.
  • Image acquisition and optimization (high-resolution files, color correction, artifact removal).
  • Wholesale archival prints, direct to your store, for works from your collection or any others on
  • Drop ship and retail discount offers direct to your customers.
  • “Rush” services with next-day delivery options.
  • Traditional or “art block” framing options.
  • Postcards, notecards and stretched canvas also available.
  • E-commerce advice and implementation
  • Image acquisition and optimization (photography, scanning, color correction, artifact removal).
  • Inclusion in Art Authority app line.
  • Hard and soft proofing.
  • Custom printing services.

We also specialize in technology:

  • Website design and implementation.
  • “White-label” sites (your branding, with our back-end processing).
  • Asset management.
  • App implementation.
  • Affiliate program (future)

Download a draft partnership agreement here.

Please contact us directly at with questions.


Our Museum Partners

Please note that the images of frames displayed here are meant to be representative of those used in our custom-framed products, but may not exactly match the ones in the actual products.

Made in The USA Flag Icon

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Frame Backing


Wall Hanging Mount

Wall Friendly Bumpers

Print Information

Paper Backing

Our Process


The artwork has been scanned at the highest resolution possible by the museum and the digital file is sent to us for color optimization.


We only use the finest paper. It’s 100% acid-free cotton fine art paper.


We only use the highest quality pigmented, non-toxic, environmentally friendly ink with a color permanence rating of at least 200 years. In fact our black and white inks are rated at 400 years.


We are an EPSON partner. One of the partners, Mac Holbert, is an EPSON fellow and featured around the world as a master of his craft. Our large format printers are the best made and we are always upgrading and replacing to ensure we get the finest reproductions possible.


We use the highest quality wood in our modern shop to create custom frames. We frame your print with precision-cut acid-free mat board, and mount it behind a UV-blocking semi-gloss plexiglass to protect your art from the sun, dust, pollution, heat, and humidity. Then we add finishing touches like wall hanging mount, wall friendly bumpers, and a protective backing.

We work with the most respected museums in the world.

Museum Approved

We work with the most respected museums in the world. They inspect our print masters to ensure those masters match the art that is actually hanging in their museums. Many of them sell our fine art reproductions in their gift shops.

Mus Lc

We Gladly Pay Royalties,
On Time, Every Time

A significant portion of the prints we sell goes to the museum and artists' estate. We pride ourselves on this fact. One of our primary business goals is to grow the amount we pay every year. We want to be the best business partner to museums and contribute to their bottom line.

Our Customers Love Us


Satisfied with the with the quality of our frame


Satisfied with the quality of product and shipment

Other Reasons People Like Us

We are a small company

We are a small but mighty company. We take immense pride in our people and the passion and skills they have and we also take pride in how we take care of our employees.

As you can see we care deeply about the quality of our work, the relationship with our museum partners, the environment, our community, our employees and our customers.

We want you to see, first hand, the quality of our work and let us know what you think.

Environmentally Friendly

Our inks are Non-Toxic. We recycle all paper waste. We minimize our carbon footprint in every way we can and we strive to be better stewards of the environment every day.

USA Flag

Handmade in the USA

Our craftspeople have decades of experience in everything we do. We are very proud of creating and growing a company in our small town in southern Oregon, Ashland.

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