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“Hands Up!”

“Jack be nimble; Jack, be quick; Jack jump over the candlestick.”

“Old Mother Goose, when she wanted to wander, would ride through the air on a very fine gander.”

“Old Mother Hubbard and her dog”

“Studiosus Palestrites,” from Jacques Lefèvre d’Étaples, Epitome, compendiosaque introductio in libros arithmeticos divi Severini Boetii (Paris: H. Estienne, 1510).

(Bush landscape with waterfall and an aborigine stalking native animals, New South Wales)

(Cattle and creek)

(Flying cloud)

(Settlement with hills)

[“Silent sentinel” Alison Turnbull Hopkins at the White House on New Jersey Day.]

[Act of Love, Astor Theater, Times Square, New York]

[African American baseball players from Morris Brown College, with boy and another man standing at door, Atlanta, Georgia]

[Afternoon Crowd at Coney Island, Brooklyn]

[Appledore, Celia Thaxter’s cottage, Isles of Shoals, N.H. (i.e. Maine)]

[Babe Ruth, full-length portrait, standing, facing slightly left, in baseball uniform, holding baseball bat] / Irwin, La Broad, & Pudlin.

[Billie Dauscha and Mabel Sidney, Bowery entertainers, New York]

[Bolt of lightning apparently striking City Bank Farmers Trust Co. 20 Exchange Place, New York]

[Casey Stengel, full-length portrait, standing, facing left, wearing sunglasses, while playing outfield for the Brooklyn Dodgers]

[Children playing in water sprayed from open fire hydrant, Upper West Side, New York]

[Circus performer Miss Victory (Eglie Zacchini) shot out of a cannon at the speed of 360 feet a second, New York]

[Colonial soldiers engaged in battle in a forest, possibly during the American Revolution]

[Couple in Voodoo Trance]

[Dancing To Nite, New Gardens, Times Square, New York]

[Demonstration garden, Bryant Park, 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, New York, New York. Visitors studying gardening notices]

[Empire State Building, New York]

[Farmers nooning, from the original picture in the possession of Jona. Sturges Esqr.] / Wm. S. Mount 1836.

[Fox-hunting] Two Hunters / Belonging to Henry U. Reay of Burn Hall in the County of Durham ….

[Front cover of Jackie Robinson comic book]

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