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Museum Quality Fine Art Prints & Custom Framing

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Museums are re-opening at a pace faster than we expected...

... and many postponed shows are posting new opening dates. However, they are still facing limitations and museum revenues have been adversely impacted in a big way.

Here’s your call to action: HELP US HELP support our museums and cultural institutions!

3 Ways to Support Your Favorite Institutions

#1. Attend a current or upcoming exhibition in person as you feel comfortable.

Looking to get out and explore your favorite cultural institutions again? Go here to view exhibitions from our partner museums. And remember, each museum will create its own tailored social distancing solution, within government guidelines, as they begin to reopen. The standard at one museum may not be the common practice at another. Be sure to review their website and policies before planning your trip.

#2. Purchase a print from our website.

We pride ourselves in giving back to those who create and care for the artwork we all love. And we make it easy for people to support their favorite institutions through the purchase of archival reproductions. When you purchase from us, we pay royalties to them.

#3. Visit the online store of our partner museums.

How We Support Museums 👇

#1. We pay royalties to museums & artists on the prints you purchase.

The more you purchase, the more they get.

#2. We provide important additional services to museums.

Beyond royalties, your purchase helps us continue our mission, now and in the future.

#3. 1000Museums is a proud member of the Museum Store Association.

Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, MSA provides the tools and community to help cultural institutions, vendor members, and their commercial partners to expand the visitor’s experience, enabling them to take a piece of that experience home.

And the best part? We offer great deals throughout the year!

Be sure to sign up for our email list below to get the latest discounts and artist recommendations from 1000Museums.

We are proud to be a part of one of the most robust communities of art and cultural institutions in the world, broadening engagement with culture-seekers near and far.

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