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Museum Quality Fine Art Prints & Custom Framing

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1000MUSEUMS powered by Art Authority
Museum-approved fine art reproductions
since 2008

Archival Reproductions

1000Museums archival reproductions are the choice of museum gift shops across the country and around the world.

We work directly with those museums and others to obtain high-quality digital photographs of a curated set of art from their collections, as well as selected items from traveling exhibitions. Our image optimization experts then work with curators and others within the museums to ensure that our reproductions are of the highest quality and fidelity, often exchanging multiple rounds of proofs until everyone is satisfied. We of course use the highest quality paper, inks and other material throughout the entire process, because #QualityMattersMost.

Our Team

The head of our image optimization team, “Chief Imagician” R. Mac Holbert literally helped invent the digital printing business 30 years ago now, and has been helping improve upon it even since. We are very proud of Mac and his team’s contribution to this entire field, and to our ability to give the museums, and the art community, what they are looking for from our fine art reproductions. Mac also heads custom printmaking within Art Authority, which provides similar services to present-day artists and photographers.

We Give Back

At 1000Museums we also pride ourselves in giving back to those who create and care for the artwork we all love. Our products help contribute to our museum partners’ mission in many ways:

  • By increasing the exposure of the museums' collection, and highlighting their exhibitions, we bring additional people in their doors along with raising awareness worldwide.
  • By providing our reproductions to the museums’ gift shop, we enhance patrons’ experience as they tour the museum, plus increase the museums' always-important bottom line be selling products to them at wholesale pricing.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we pay royalties in return for the rights to manufacture and sell our museum-approved reproductions. Since 2016, we have returned well over $250,000 in royalties to our museum and artistic partners.

Some of our many museum partners include… MFA Houston, Kimbell Art Museum, Library of Congress, The Phillips Collection, The Guggenheim, and Crystal Bridges Museum.

Artistic Partners

Speaking of our artistic partners, for modern and contemporary art, much of which remains under copyright, we also work directly with artists, artists’ estates and artists’ rights organization to obtain the same level of approval as we do with the museums that own the original works of art. And just as with the museums, we give back to those creators in the form of royalties and increased exposure.

Some of the many artists and estates we work with include… Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe, Jacob Lawrence, Wayne Thiebaud, Mark Rothko, Marc Chagall, Jackson Pollock, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Jamie Wyeth.

Contact Us

Interested in quality reproductions?

If you are a museum, cultural institution, artist or artist representative, and would be interested in our providing the highest quality reproductions of your artwork, please contact us directly.

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