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Museum Quality Fine Art Prints & Custom Framing

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Green is our Most Important Color

Here at 1000Museums we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality fine art reproductions possible. A big part of that quality is getting the colors in our prints just right, from the whitest whites to the blackest blacks. But there is one color that is even more important than all the rest: Green.

Corporate Promises and Responsibilities

January 1, 2021

You have a choice on who you do business with and we know it. We want you to hold us and every other business you do business with accountable.

Below are our Corporate Commitments and Responsibility Statements. We are not perfect, but we strive to be better every day. This list will grow as we grow. 


Our Sustainability Promise

  • We will pay commissions or royalties to our partner museums, artists, artist estates, and artist rights organizations on time, on each piece of art we have rights to reproduce.
  • We will offer our art with at least a 50% discount to Museum retail stores.
  • We will only sell the highest quality reproductions possible on the highest quality materials. 
  • We will print and frame 99% of the work we sell at our manufacturing facility in Ashland, Oregon, USA.


The Environment Promise

  • We will print on 100% recycled or recyclable paper or canvas.
  • We will print using 100% non-toxic ink that was never tested on animals.
  • We will create artwork that has an expected life of over 200 years, reducing landfill waste.
  • We will ship using recyclable and/or reusable materials.
  • We will work with vendors who have their own environmentally conscious policy and practice. 


Our Promise to Our People

  • We will take care of our employees and expect our vendors to do the same with their employees.
  • We will provide a living wage.
  • We will provide an open and collaborative environment for our employees, customers and vendors.
  • We will increase benefits to our employees as we grow in sales volume and profitability.
  • We will not tolerate hate, bigotry, or violence in the workplace.


Our Community Promise

  • We will support and give back to our community. 
  • We will support art education in all schools.
  • We will support local artists.


Alan, Stanley, Mac & Jim

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