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Decorate Your Home with These Stupendous, Springtime Floral Prints!

April 16, 2022

“If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I’d want is you to be my sweet honeybee” – Barry Louis Polisar Spring has sprung! Whether you clean your home frequently or tend to do a full-on, deep cleanse just once a year, springtime lends itself to a sense…

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Introducing XXL Fine Art Prints-BLOG 3

Extra, Extra… XXL Wall Art Prints! Now Available at 1000Museums

December 3, 2021

It’s here! 1000Museums is pleased to announce that we are now offering our robust line of fine art prints in XXL: the 40 x 60 inch size. Have you ever seen a work of art so beautiful, and so detailed, that smaller sizes just didn’t do it justice? We know…

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6 Lessons Frank Lloyd Wright

6 Lessons We Can Learn from Frank Lloyd Wright

August 12, 2021

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959) was an icon of modern architecture. Over a period of 70 years he built more than 1,000 buildings across the United States, dotting the landscape with his elegant style. He designed organic exteriors of wood and stone as well as interior elements, including stained glass windows,…

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7 Color Palettes Inspired by Famous Paintings

7 Color Palettes Inspired By Famous Paintings

June 10, 2021

When decorating a room, it can be challenging to decide on a color scheme. For example, do you choose light colors or dark contrasts? Restrained neutrals or quirky pops of color? Warm tones or cool? When searching for interior design inspiration, sometimes there can be no better place to look…

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