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Museum Quality Fine Art Prints & Custom Framing

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1000MUSEUMS can provide
museum-approved fine art reproductions
for your library art lending programs.

Library Fine Art Lending

We’ve partnered with selected libraries to curate and produce framed reproductions for their art lending programs. Art lending is a unique way for libraries to engage patrons and make art accessible to every home. Our program offers to create high-quality archival prints in durable frames suitable for any art lending program. We can provide:

  • Product customization.
  • Print-on-demand museum approved images.
  • High-quality archival prints with expert framing.


Library Art Lending Collections

As public libraries have been transforming their role in communities they serve during recent years, one of the new trends in expanding lending services has been the inclusion of artwork as a checkout item. These art lending programs help to encourage art and cultural education for all, and create greater access and exposure to art within the community.

1000Museums has been assisting libraries in developing art lending collections regardless of the wide variety of differences in scope and objectives of their programs. Our extensive catalogue spans African American and Asian Masterpieces to Renaissance Classics, Modern and Abstract art, from authoritative sources, often the museum owning the works themselves. This broad selection is ideal for promoting entrée to art and cultural education in your community. All of these works can be easily viewed and conveniently ordered on the 1000Museums website. They can also be specially framed and packaged in particularly rugged materials to better handle the rigors involved with being part of a lending library.

We specialize in providing high quality fine art reproductions curated from the most prestigious museums around the country and internationally. Our archival prints use the best quality paper, finest inks, materials and durable frames throughout the entire process because #QualityMattersMost.

Curated Collections

Need assistance curating your library art collection? We can help! Our team is ready and available to curate a collection specially tailored to your needs. 

Library Partner Pricing


  • We offer pricing as low as wholesale for business customers.
  • Low minimum order quantities.

Contact Sales for Special Pricing - Email or Call Today: (877) 679-6099

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Interested in quality reproductions?

If you are a library and would be interested in our providing the highest quality reproductions for your art lending collection, please contact us directly.

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