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Unkoku Tohan



Unkoku Tohan was born around 1635 into the Unkoku school of painting. He was the youngest son of Unkoku Toeki, who took over the workshop of his father Tōgan, known for his suiboku-ga “water-ink painting in the 16th century. Tohan collaborated with his older brother Toyo on wall paintings in the imperial palace, alongside other artists including Tosa Mitsuoki.When Tohan became Toyo’s successor when his brother adopted him in 1633, he began calling himself Sesshū VI. His grandfather Tōgan had won a legal challenge to claim that he was the fifth successor of the 15th century master Sesshū Tōyō. In 1675, he earned the title of hōgen, the second highest honor given to artists by Buddhist authorities. Unkoku Tohan died in 1724.

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