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Rose Barton

March 17, 1865 - March 17, 2020


Rose Barton (1856-1929) was one of the most-loved watercolor painters in Ireland, specializing in painting street scenes, landscapes and gardens, and children. Cousin of author/artist Edith Somerville, Rose Barton was educated privately and slowly started to exhibit her work with the Water Colour Society of Ireland and the Royal Hibernian Academy, which blossomed into a full-time painting career. She is particularly known for her magnificent ability to bring weather conditions to life in her paintings, allowing them to introduce another layer of depth and complexity to the scenes. In addition to her passion for watercolor, Barton was also known for her illustrations of Dublin and London that were featured in numerous books. Today her paintings can be found in Ireland and Britain, both of which honor her paintings for their substantial impact of the future of Irish art.

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