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Pieter de Hooch



Pieter de Hooch (1629-16884) was a Dutch Golden age painter who was known for his genre scenes of Dutch Life. De Hooch was born and raised in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He was trained by the painter Nicolaes Pietersez Berchem. He also worked with the painter Jacob Ochtervelt. When his training was complete the young artist spent time in Delft and Leiden, where there were large communities of artists. The artists found in these regions preferred “fine painting,” which prioritized meticulous details and a smooth mirror-like finish. Like many artists in the Dutch Early modern period, De Hooch specialized in tranquil interior scenes with an emphasis on light and spatial composition. De Hooch is best known for his domestic compositions which allow a viewer to look through a Dutch home. There is often a door or window included, which encourages the viewer to lean in and explore the depths of his paintings. Pieter de Hooch lived the rest of his life in Amsterdam and eventually passed away in 1684.

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