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Frans Pourbus the Younger

Bartholomaeus Bruyn the Younger

Lorenzo Zaragoza

Aurelio Zingoni

William Zorach

Anders Zorn

Fritz Zuber-Bühler

Artist Placeholder

Ignacio Zuloaga

Ignacio Zuloaga y Zabaleta was born in Eibar Spain, near the monastery of Loyola. Much of his work is housed in the Ignacio Zuloaga Museum. Pedraza Castle, Segovia.

Francisco de Zurbarán

Francisco de Zurbarán (baptized November 7, 1598; died August 27, 1664) was a Spanish painter. He is known primarily for his religious paintings depicting monks, nuns, and martyrs, and for his still-lifes. Zurbarán gained the nickname Spanish Caravaggio, owing to the forceful, realistic use of chiaroscuro in which he excelled.…

Juan de Zurbarán

John Zwara

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