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Edward Whymper

Artist Placeholder

Gunnar Widforss

Gunnar Widforss (1879-1934), originally from Stockholm, Sweden, mastered the art of watercolor painting by traveling the world and capturing the most beautiful landscapes. Initially, he moved to Russia to be a decorative painter and work on commissioned pieces. He traveled nomadically around Europe but, during his travels, found himself broke…

Staffan Widstrand

Cornelis Claesz. van Wieringen

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Jan Wijnants

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Kehinde Wiley


Edith Lake Wilkinson

Edith Lake Wilkinson was an American artist who lived and painted in Provincetown, Massachusetts during the early decades of the 20th century. She was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, and she moved to New York at the age of twenty to study art in the Arts Student League of New…

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Walter Henry Williams

Walter Henry Williams was an African American artist who became well versed in painting, printmaking, and sculpting. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he lived with his mother who encouraged his art career. At the age of five, Williams mother died of pneumonia and his father who was very strict and…

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Edward K. Williams

Edward K. Williams was an American Impressionist and modernist painter, specializing in landscape. Edward K. Williams was born in Pennsylvania in 1870, later going on to study at the Art Institute of Chicago. He exhibited with the Institute from 1903 to 1929, and also showed with several societies and groups…

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W.A. Williams

W.A. Williams is an engraver who lived and worked during the 18th century. Engraving is a printmaking process in which the artist carves a design into a metal plate (copper or zinc). Afterward, ink is applied to the entire plate surface, filling the lines with ink. Prints were a popular…

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Gerald Williams

Gerald Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1941. Earning his Masters of Fine Arts degree from Howard in 1976, he became a founding member of AfriCOBRA. His work as a visual artist has greatly influenced the Black Arts Movement. He has been featured in exhibitions all over the world…

Eric Wilson

Laurence William Wilson

Charles Ferdinand Wimar

Garry Winogrand

Artist Placeholder

Peter de Wint

Peter de Wint was a successful English watercolor painter in the early nineteenth century. He moved to London in 1802 and soon got an apprenticeship under John Raphael Smith, a local engraver and portrait painter. In an attempt to buy his freedom, de Wint promised eighteen oil paintings to Smith…

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Andrew Winter

Andrew Winter was born in Sindi, Estonia, on April 7, 1892, as Andres Jüri Winter. It is unclear when he anglicized his name. At the outbreak of World War I, with only a year of experience working on square-rigged ships, Winter became a mate on British, and then American naval…

Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Todd Winters

René de Wit

Joseph Wolf

Artist Placeholder

W.B. Wollen

William Barnes Wollen was an early 20th-century English painter famous for battle and sporting genre scenes. After graduating from University College London, he exhibited his early sporting paintings at the esteemed Royal Academy and the National Watercolour Society. In 1900, he was commissioned to record the Boer War in South…

George Bacon Wood

Thomas Waterman Wood


Grant Wood

Grant DeVolson Wood (February 13, 1891 – February 12, 1942) was an American painter born four miles east of Anamosa, Iowa. He is best known for his paintings depicting the rural American Midwest, particularly the painting American Gothic, an iconic image of the 20th century. | From Wikipedia, the free…

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Hale Woodruff

Hale Aspacio Woodruff was an African American artist, draftsman, printer, and educator. He was best known for his murals, especially the Amistad Munity Murals (1939) which depicts the mutiny aboard the slave ship Amistad, the trial of the enslaved people, their acquittal, and their return to Africa. Woodruff was born…

Richard Caton Woodville

Artist Placeholder

Thomas Woodward

Thomas Woodward (1801-1852) was a genre painter from Worcestershire, United Kingdom, who dedicated his whole life to art. When he was only eight years old, the president of the Royal Academy, Benjamin West, noticed his talents and invited him to study at the Academy. He exhibited for the first time…

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