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Lygia Clark


October 23, 1920 - April 25, 1988


Lygia Clark was an innovative Brazillian, Modernist painter, installation, and performance artist. Her work began in painting, she was greatly inspired by Brazilian architecture for its use of form and line. She would eventually develop her own style and be compelled to move her work beyond the traditional canvas space seeking to push the boundaries between art and life, the museum-goer, whom she would call the “participants,” and the work itself. In 1964 Clark would abandon art as it was known and instead of producing traditional art, focused on the interactions between people and objects. In the 1970’s she traveled to Paris to teach at the Sorbonne and encouraged her students to engage collective art therapy exercises, also known as propositions. She participated in therapy and used her art as a healing tool for herself and others. Lygia would employ the participant’s senses as elements within her work, and wanted her pieces to be felt, literally in some cases, spiritually, mentally, and/or emotionally in others.

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