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Lilla Cabot Perry

January 13, 1848 - February 28, 1933


Lilla Cabot Perry was an American painter and early proponent of Impressionism in the U.S. Although she did not begin her formal training until 38, she enjoyed a prolific career painting into her old age.

Encountering Claude Monet’s work first in Paris, Perry would study with him for eight years when her family would summer in Giverny. Her training with Monet along with her friendship with Pissarro positioned Perry to encourage the acceptance of Impressionism in America. Her work would start an American aesthetic tradition that would come to great popularity at the hands of artists like Mary Cassatt. From 1891 to 1901, the Perry family lived in Japan, this allowed Lilla Perry to study the art which had inspired Impressionism and create her own distinct style.

Perry wrote “Reminiscences of Claude Monet” based on her relationand cha

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