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Lee Ufan

1936 -


Korean painter, sculptor, writer, as well as philosopher artist Lee Ufan was born in South Korea. He attended colleges where he learned the art of “calligraphy, poetry, and painting.” He is a part of a school called the Object School group. This group is also known as the Mono-ha group. Lee is a Minimalist at heart, especially when painting. The Minimalist style can be seen in most of his works; as his works reveal both the absence of color and color itself. While very little color is seen, Lee makes his point. He believes that the painted and unpainted should work together, just like the concept of occupied versus empty space. That is what Lee attempts in all of paintings and sculptures. He took joy out of knowing that he has brought contemporary art to his homeland. Lee has shown his art, or had retrospectives, in numerous museums throughout his life.

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