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Untitled, 1951 (oil On Canvas)

Lee Krasner


10/27/1908 - 06/19/1984


Lee Krasner was an American artist, best known for her work with collage paintings and the abstract expressionism movement. She was born to Russian-Jewish immigrants and showed a propensity and interest in art at a young age. During her early education, Krasner was taught to paint academically but later became inspired by post-Impressionism. In 1937, she began to take classes with Hans Hofmann, in which she experimented with neo-cubism and demonstrated an early interest in fauvism. Lee Krasner later joined the American Abstract Artists in 1940 and subsequently met future abstract expressionists. She became disinterested in hard geometric forms after meeting her future husband, Jackson Pollock. Krasner is associated with abstract expressionism because of her use of gesture, texture, and rhythm, but despite this, she does not have a signature style due to her ever-changing approach to art.

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