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Hannah Borger Overbeck

March 14, 1870 - August 28, 1931


Hannah Borger Overbeck was one of the four Overbeck sisters, known for their pottery, Arts and Crafts Movement membership, and establishing Overbeck Pottery in their Cambridge City, Indiana. Overbeck initially studied photography and then studied at Indiana State Normal School (present-day Indiana State University) in Terre Haute, Indiana, and graduated in 1894. The following year she taught school in Clinton, Indiana. Overbeck is known for her watercolors and sketches when working with Keramic Studio; she was responsible for the pottery’s decorative designs. She also worked with hand-building ceramics. Her designs were inspired by nature, and she worked on designs until her passing, although due to chronic neuritis in the final years of her life, it was difficult to hold a pencil.

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