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Franz A. Bischoff



Franz Albert Bischoff (1964-1929) was an Austrian-born painter and ceramicist, most highly regarded for his China paintings, florals, and landscape paintings. He spent his childhood in Austria studying painting and ceramics but moved to the United States in 1885. He worked as a China decorator in New York and later moved to Pennsylvania and Ohio to continue this work. He met his future wife, Bertha Greenwald, in 1890, and they later married and had two children. Bischoff and his family then moved to Michigan, where he taught China decorating and continued making ceramics. He founded his institution, the Bischoff School of Ceramic Art, with locations in Detroit and New York City. While teaching, he manufactured his colored glazes and his ceramics went on to win awards at exhibitions around the country. Bischoff visited California in 1900 and moved to Los Angeles six years later with his family. He built a beautiful Italian Renaissance-style home equipped with a painting and ceramics studio. Inspired by California geography, Bischoff began creating more oil paintings of the surrounding landscapes. His style and technique of painting could very well be categorized as Impressionistic, but arguably his compositional choices and colors began to lean into Expressionism as well. These wonderful landscape paintings expressed the deep admiration Bischoff had for nature. He spent a few years later in his life traveling around Europe but kept home in California. He died in Pasadena in February of 1929 but left the world with vibrant landscapes of California and Zion, Utah, and a legacy of ceramic making.

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