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Anniversary Sale

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Emilio Sanchez

June 10, 1921 - July 7, 1999


Cuban-born artist Emilio Sanchez is known for his exceptional ability to play with light, colors, and architecture. At a young age Sanchez began to experiment with light and shadows, using bold geometric shapes and contrasting colors to bring the Caribbean streets around him to life. Some of his most famous paintings feature buildings devoid of their details, demonstrating his passion for architecture and geometry. These paintings are loved for their unique ability to strip down a home while simultaneously emphasizing its warmth and comfort.

Sanchez moved to New York City in 1944 to study at the Art Students League, and then at Columbia University. Although he moved permanently to New York in 1952, he continued to visit the Caribbean, using his photos from those trips as inspiration for new work.

As an artist, Sanchez embraced his own unique style which was rooted in naturalism and heavily influenced by his passion for geometric composition and experimentation with light. His work has been featured in over 60 solo exhibitions and his paintings are now found in some of the most prestigious museums around the world. In 2020 he was the first Cuban American whose art was featured on USPS stamps, released in honor of the centennial of his birth.

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