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Eloise Harriet Stannard

February 1, 1829 - February 2, 1915


Eloise Harriet Stannard (1829-1915) was an English still life painter. Born in Norwich, Stannard came from a family of painters. She was trained by her father, Alfred Stannard, a landscape and marine painter, but likely was heavily inspired by the still life work of her aunt Emily Stannard I. She exhibited paintings at the Royal Academy between 1856 and 1873, returning once more in 1893 and was a member of the Society of Lady Artists. She continued painting and selling her works into her late years. Her still lifes often included highly-detailed arrangements of fruit and flowers under direct light, which helped provide the vivid, luminous effect of her paintings. Eloise Harriet Stannard is included in our celebration of Great Women Artists found here.

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