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Eileen Mayo

September 11, 1906 - January 4, 1994


Dame Eileen Mayo (1906- 1994) was an English born artist and designer who worked in almost all mediums, including woodcuts, drawings, calligraphy, and silk screening. During her extensive career, she designed coins, stamps, posters, and tapestries, as well as illustrating and writing eight books about the natural sciences. She studied anatomy at Slade in 1924. Mayo was an extensive traveler, even becoming a tutor in Germany for some time. She married in 1936 and subsequently divorced in 1952. Her separation from her husband prompted her move to Australia. She was inspired by the natural history of Australia and the move allowed her to be closer to family. Her career flourished in Australia and later, New Zealand. She stopped working in 1985 due to Arthritis much to her dismay.

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