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Childe Hassam

October 17, 1859 - August 27, 1935


Frederick Childe Hassam, more known as Childe Hassam, was an American impressionist artist, very well known for his city landscape scenes. He was born in Boston in 1859 and showed an interest in drawing and painting at an early age. His family suffered from a tragic fire that burned down their home, forcing Hassam to choose work over passion. He worked as an accountant for Little Brown Publishing but soon proved unsuccessful in traditional American corporate life. He was able to leave this job and start his career in art by working with a woodworker. He soon began to illustrate magazines and children’s stories. He started painting lessons at the Boston Art Club, where a friend advised him to drop his first name and go as “Childe Hassam.” Hassam traveled around Europe in the early 1880s, painting the countryside and studying at the Academie Julian. Later in life, he noted that schools like this “crush originality out of growing men.” Hassan is very well-known for his painting series, including his flag series, which is a patriotic tribute to America painted during the first World War. Childe Hassam was a strong defender of traditional impressionism rather than modern art theory or technique. After his continued success, Hassam and his wife settled in East Hampton, New York, around 1920. He spent his summers painting various locations throughout New England and continued producing notable works, such as his window series. Frederick Childe Hassam died at the age of 75 on August 27, 1935.

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