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Cesare Laurenti



Cesare Laurenti was an Italian artist born in Mesola, Italy in 1854. He began his education in Padua, and he studied with Luigi Ceccon. Laurenti moved to Naples to work with artists, such as Domenico Morelli, in order to further establish himself as an artist. Laurenti was a successful genre painter and later moved on to more psychological and symbolic themes. He was known to portray mythological allusions and metaphors in his work. In 1891 he won a grand prize at the Milan Triennale. After the turn of the century, Laurenti revisited the traditional techniques of Italian Renaissance painting. Laurenti painted with tempera, which usually is pigment mixed with egg yolks, though he created his own formula for tempera paint known as “Laurenti tempera,” but his ingredients were never revealed. During this period of his career, he also did some decorative ceramic work and frescos. The last project he completed was designing a monument for Monte Mario in Rome. Cesare Laurenti presented it at the International Exhibition in Rome, and he continued to work on it until his death on November 8, 1936.

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