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Anthonie Leonore Christensen



The Danish flower painter, Anthonie Elenore (Anthonore) Tscherning, later known as Anthonie Leonore Christensen, was born in 1849 in Copenhagen. She was first taught painting by her mother, Eleonore Tscherning, and later by artists Emma Thomsen and O. D. Ottesen, all of whom were floral artists. Her sister, Sara Ulrik, was also a flower painter. Anthonie changed her surname to Christensen after she married the philologist Richard Christensen in 1871. Anthonie traveled extensively to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Paris, and Greece as part of her artistic education. She later taught members of the Danish and Greek royal family painting, including Queen Louise and Queen Olga of Greece. Christensen began to exhibit her work in 1867, and immediately attracted attention for her unique/novel and carefully rendered floral work. Christensen specialized in depictions of forest beds and wild flowers growing in fields as in A Summer Bouque. Her paintings are often characterized by a natural arrangements, much less artificial than the decorative cut flowers common among the work of earlier floral painters. In 1887, she was awarded the Neuhausen Prize for her Et Kurvelaag med afskaarne Roser (A Flower Basket with Roses), and continued to earn recognitions and awards throughout her career. Anthonie Leonore Christensen died on August 27th, 1926 in Hørsholm.

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