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Anni Albers

June 12, 1899 - May 9, 1994


The German artist Anni Fleischman Albers is known for her work in color theory, and in textiles, where she challenged the separate notions of art and craft. Her work was abstract and focused on color theory, which greatly influenced Modernism.

Albers studied at the Bauhaus where she met her future husband, Josef Albers. Unable to take classes with him, she took a weaving workshop, one of the few open to women. She would become head of the weaving workshop, and was known for her innovative designs. When the Bauhaus was closed in 1933 due to pressure from the Nazis, the Albers moved to North Carolina’s Black Mountain College, where they both taught until 1949. Alber’s work is world-renowned and in 1949, she had the first exhibition for a textile designer at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. She produced designs for Knoll Furniture for over thirty years, and continued to experiment with different media.

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