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Anne Vallayer-Coster

December 21, 1744 - February 28, 1818


Vallayer-Coster is best known for her still life paintings; however, she is a recognized portrait artist and has exhibited miniatures and genre scenes. From 1775 onwards, her flower still lifes became most famous. Vallayer-Coster grew up the daughter of a goldsmith, uniquely she was known to not have official mentor nor patron by the time she became a member of the Académie in 1770. At the time, she was also the only woman with accepted membership without being the daughter or wife of an academician or have royal patronage. From there, however, she became the leading female artist of the Salon until 1783. She also attracted patronage from Marie Antoinette, who influence her space in the Louvre in 1781. Her still life technique utilized subtle and organized color pallets and object groupings, mixing domestication and grandeur. She became one of the most celebrated French artists of her time

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