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Milton Avery

Milton Avery (1885-1965) was an American painter who is known for his unique and constantly evolving representational style. Early in Avery’s career, he was influenced by Impressionism and often focused on creating visually-pleasing balance in his paintings. His painting style was representational, and he soon became extremely skilled at portraits…

Felrath Hines

Felrath Hines was an African American artist who pushed the bounds of abstract art in the 1960s. He specialized in oil painting and was known for his figurative and cubist style. He joined an African American artist group called Spiral in 1963, which was active during the civil rights movement.…

Summer Night, Riverside Drive_George Wesley Bellows

George Wesley Bellows

American realist painter, George Wesley Bellows (1882-1925), is known for his artistic talent that stretched across a variety of themes and topics. Some of his most famous paintings depict prize-fighters frozen in time during an action-packed fight. On the other end of the spectrum, he also received praise for his…

Grace Crowley

Grace Crowley was an Australian modernist painter. In the 1930s, Crowley was a leader of the second phase of the modern movement in Australian art. Crowley was well educated in Cubism, and her cubist paintings are among her most well-known works. By the 1940s, she was one of the first…

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon was a self-taught British painter, best recognized for his geometrically shaped backgrounds and his unsettling portrayal of the human body. Born in Dublin, Ireland to an English family, Bacon would not begin his career as an artist until he was in his late twenties, after seeing Pablo Picasso’s…

Salomon van Abbé

Berenice Abbott

Berenice Abbott was an American photographer best known for her portraits of 20th century New York City cultural figures, architecture and urban design, in particular through the WPA Federal Art Project. Early on in her career, she also worked in Paris, assisting in the studio of Man Ray. The Museum…

Johann Ludwig Aberli

Luigi Acquarone

Patrick William Adam

Ansel Adams

Ansel Easton Adams (February 20, 1902 – April 22, 1984) was an American photographer and environmentalist. His black-and-white landscape photographs of the American West, especially Yosemite National Park, have been widely reproduced on calendars, posters, and books. With Fred Archer, Adams developed the Zone System as a way to determine…

John Ottis Adams

Willem van Aelst

Franz Theodor Aerni

Jacques Laurent Agasse

Takaku Aigai

Muhammad Nasir al-Munshi

Francesco Albani

Artist Placeholder

Anni Albers

The German artist Anni Albers worked mainly in textiles, and through this medium challenged the separate notions of art and craft. Her work was abstract and focused on color theory, which greatly influenced Modernism. Along with her husband and fellow artist Josef Albers, she studied at the famous Bauhaus where…

Josef Albers

Albers was a German-born artist, who worked in the U.S. as well. He was also a key modern art educator.

Mariotto Albertinelli

Ivan Albright

John White Alexander

Artist Placeholder

Mir Sayyid Ali

Henry Alken

David Allan

Timothy Allen

Washington Allston

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