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The Dream

The Dream by Pablo Picasso


  • 1932
  • Oil On Canvas
  • 130 x 97 cm
  • Private Collection
  • © Succession Picasso 2013


$16.00 - $449.00

SKU: #4165

One afternoon on January 24th, 1932, at 50 years old, Picasso chose to portray his then 24-year-old mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter. The painting belongs to Picasso's period of distorted works, incorporating oversimplified outlines and contrasted colors; resembling early Fauvism. This particular work is renowned for its blatant eroticism. Her hands are placed over her pubic triangle while her breasts are partly exposed. Most noted repeatedly amongst critics is an erect penis, presumably symbolizing Picasso’s, in the upturned face of Marie-Thérèse Walter. This may potentially symbolize the act of sex itself or the artist’s possession or influence on the model.