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1KM Network

1KM is the destination to discover museums, exhibitions and artists. At our core we share the mission of cultural heritage institutions around the globe - to make art and culture accessible to the public. We support museums by promoting exhibitions and museum programming, while providing opportunities for additional revenue through product and affiliate programs.

How do we do this? We help people find museums. We make it easy to learn more about exhibitions and plan a visit. We encourage people to share artwork they love, and give them a destination to purchase archival reproductions from collections near and far. In many cases, we help people find and visit museums and exhibitions that might otherwise have missed. We also make it easy for people to support their favorite institutions through donations and referring their friends and family.

Today, we work with over 100 cultural heritage institutions and partner with best in class printers and framers in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia. Museums earn a royalty for any product created from their collection and sold on 1000Museums.com (and other online channels) or to other museum stores participating in the 1KM Network.

1KM Network Benefits