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About Us

1000Museums is the place to discover,
shop and share museums and exhibitions
from around the world.

Our Mission

We Love Museums

From the iconic institutions to the niche special collection, museums give us a window to our cultural history and insight and inspiration for today. And we want you to visit museums and experience all of the amazing things they can offer. We help people find museums and experience the best in cultural heritage.  

Our mission is to build the most robust community of art and cultural institutions in the world, broadening their engagement with culture-seekers near and far. We want museums to thrive, so we make it easy for people to support their favorite institutions through the purchase of archival reproductions, options to donate and get memberships, and by sharing great finds with friends and family.

Where We’re Going

The Ultimate Museum Experience

There are more than 35,000 museums in the United States alone. Where do you start? Start with us.

We’re creating smart tools to help you get personalized recommendations on museums and exhibitions, determine the best times to go, find the best free places to visit and the best memberships for your money.